Announcing Fantom Support in Blocknative Onboard

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Blocknative created Onboard to free Dapp developers from managing wallet integrations and to guide users through transacting. Our actively supported open-source library is constantly improving, and today we are excited to announce that Onboard now supports the Fantom blockchain.

This update extends our existing multi-chain wallet support, which includes Ethereum, xDai, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Boba.

With this update, Dapps can now provide a consistent crypto wallet onboarding experience for Fantom users — without worrying about edge cases or creating custom code. This addition is part of Blocknative's efforts to add support for the widest possible array of blockchain wallets. And with support for more than 30 hardware and software wallets, our Onboard connect wallet button helps Dapps increase signup and user activation rates.

Enable Fantom On Onboard with Three Easy Steps

Blocknative makes it easy for developers to add Onboard support in just a few minutes. Dive deep in our Docs or read on for a quick overview.

1. Initialize Onboard Via NPM

2. Initialize and Configure the Library


Be sure to set the network to 250 fantom-opera. Below is the minimum required config options. There are more options available as detailed in the initialization section of the docs.

3. Onboard User

Ask the user to select a wallet and then check wallet is ready to transact.

And your Dapp is live!

If you have any questions about deploying Onboard, please review the docs or join our Discord server.

How to easily support the top blockchain wallets in your Fantom Dapp

Blocknative Onboard provides the web3 ecosystem including DeFi, crypto Dapps, and enterprise applications with a consistent framework for handling web3 wallets — from selection to network state and more. Onboard works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. Trusted by hundreds of projects in production, it is actively supported by the Blocknative team.

Read the docs to get started in just a few minutes.

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