Onboard: Support for KeepKey Hardware Wallet


Blocknative created Onboard to free Dapp developers from managing wallet integrations and to guide users through transacting. Our actively supported open-source library is constantly improving, and today we are excited to announce that Onboard now supports ShapeShift's KeepKey hardware wallet. 

With this update, Dapps can now provide a consistent crypto wallet onboarding experience for KeepKey users — without worrying about edge cases or creating custom code. This addition is part of Blocknative's efforts to add support for the widest possible array of Ethereum wallets. And with support for more than 30 hardware and software wallets, Onboard helps Dapps increase signup and user activation rates.

Existing users of Onboard can add the KeepKey module with just two lines of code:And new users of Onboard can follow our robust documentation and quickstart videos to get Onboard deployed into production quickly. As always, please join our Discord community for support. 

About KeepKey

ShapeShift acquired KeepKey in 2017 to bring user-friendly, secure cold storage to its users. It integrates with the ShapeShift platform, where users can manage all of their crypto needs. The hardware device is integrated with a number of additional DApps. This integration with Onboard, the most widely used library of its kind in the Ethereum ecosystem, is a significant step in accelerating the proliferation of KeepKey-compatible DApps and platforms.

How to easily support the top blockchain wallets in your Dapp

Blocknative Onboard provides the ecosystem with a consistent framework for handling blockchain wallets — from selection to network state and more. Onboard works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. Trusted by hundreds of projects in production, it is actively supported by the Blocknative team. 

Read the docs to get started in just a few minutes. 

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