Hello ETHDenver Attendees

We at Blocknative are thrilled to be sponsoring ETHDenver this year. 
And more importantly, to learn, create,  and move the industry forward together.





BufficornCatch our technical workshop and open panels.

"Dapps are cool. Dapp users are cooler."

Friday - 5:15pm - Side Stage
Ryan Angilly - Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder at Blocknative
A Dapp Usability Checklist

"Simplicity is Key: UX & Key Management"
Saturday - 3:55pm - Side Stage
Matt Cuttler - CEO of Blocknative with Jeff Vier of Ideas By Nature, Scott Gralnick of Portis, Taylor Monahan of MyCrypto

Find the full schedule of events here.



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Meet us in person.

Come find us at booth 11 all week talking about blockchain UX! Get a live demo of how Blocknative Assist works — along with some great swag we’ll be giving away each day. You can also connect with us on Telegram at





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