Using simple, relatable language that end-users understand, Blocknative Assist will:

  • Desktop

    Guide Your Users to Their Desktops*

    Since most dapps aren’t designed for mobile, we’ll show users how to visit your dapp on desktop.

  • Supported Browser

    Point users toward a supported browser.*

    Not all browsers support dapp applications. We’ll see if their browser matches our list of supported Web3 Browsers. And if not, we’ll point them to one that is — and tell them where to install it.

  • MetaMask

    Help your users install MetaMask.

    Many new dapp users don’t know what a wallet is. We’ll see if they’ve installed MetaMask, educate them, and walk them through the process step by step.

  • Login

    Tell your users how to log in to MetaMask.

    After users install MetaMask, they’ll need to log in. We’ll show them exactly how.

  • Grant Access

    Show users how to authorize MetaMask.

    Newer versions of web3 require users to grant access to your dapp to interact with their wallet. We’ll see if that’s necessary, and help them complete the task.

  • Select Network

    Prompt users to connect to the right network.

    If users aren’t connected to your specified network, we’ll show them where they can change their network in MetaMask.

  • ETH

    Help your users get ETH.*

    If your new users don’t have any ETH, we’ll direct them to an exchange where they can get ETH and transfer it to their MetaMask wallet.

 *These checks are optional and can be turned off by the developer.