When an end-user loads your dapp, we check to see if their environment is ready to interact.

  • Desktop

    Is the user in a desktop environment?*

    At the moment, most dapps don’t support mobile browsers. We politely inform the user they should use the dapp on desktop if they visit your website on mobile.

  • Supported Browser

    Is the user on a supported browser?

    Not all browsers support dapp applications. We keep a current list of supported browsers so you don’t have to.

  • MetaMask

    Does the user have MetaMask Installed?

    Since a browser wallet is required to use dapps, we check to see if your end-user has installed MetaMask, and highlight if they have or not.

  • Login

    Is the user Logged In to MetaMask?

    Your end-user may have installed MetaMask, but to interact with your dapp they need to log in. We’ll find out if they’re logged in or out.

  • Authorize Key

    Has the user authorized MetaMask?

    Not only does your user need to be logged in, in newer versions of web3 they have to grant access to your dapp to interact with their wallet. We'll check to see if they've done that.

  • Network

    Is the user connected to the right network?

    Wallets can connect to different networks. As a developer, you can choose your dapp’s preferred network, and we’ll make sure users are directed to the right one.

  • ETH

    Does the user have enough ETH?*

    You can’t interact with the blockchain without ETH. We’ll let you set a minimum balance of ETH so your end-users can start engaging with your dapp.

 *These checks are optional and can be turned off by the developer.