Assist.js is our legacy solution. Dapp teams should look to Notify and Onboard for our latest products.  Explore the Docs

Transaction Awareness: Give your users easy-to-understand transaction status alerts – in real-time – and without sending them away from your Dapp.

Provide real-time feedback on in-flight transactions, so users know whats happening — from Pending to Confirmed.



Installation is EASY

After creating your unique API Key, include a single JS file with your configuration settings. And initialize it on the first page of your Dapp. That’s it, no additional configuration required.

Want to see it live? Make a transaction on the demos below.

Maker CDP Demo   Uniswap Demo

Complex Dapps should call our API through a singleton The JS file below demonstrates that pattern.

Download blocknative_config.js

Why use Assist.js? ¯\_()_/¯

It’s frustrating for new and experienced users alike to keep track of the state of their transaction. Did it Complete? Is it Pending? Did it Fail? Keep them up to date without leaving your Dapp.


Once a user initiates a transaction with your Dapp, Assist.js will follow up with the following notifications:

  • Pending

    We’ll let users know that their transaction request has been sent to the wallet, but hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  • Awaiting Approval
    Awaiting Approval

    Users commonly stack up multiple transaction requests without confirming or rejecting them. We'll let them know that they have to confirm a previous transaction.

  • Confirmed Reminder
    Confirmed Reminder

    Users can get lost navigating between your Dapp and their wallet. We give them 30 seconds to Confirm or Reject a transaction in their wallet before reminding them.

  • Repeat

    Assist will detect transactions which look to be repeated. We notify users of repeat transactions when we see sequential transactions with the same to address and the same value.

  • Insufficient Funds
    Insufficient Funds

    If the user doesn’t have enough funds to complete the transaction, Assist.js will alert them to get more ETH before the transaction is sent to the wallet.

  • Failed to Send
    Failed to Send

    If a user’s transaction isn’t sent to the network we’ll alert them.

  • Stalled

    After 30 seconds, we’ll notify users that their transaction was Sent but not Received in the Mempool.

  • Sent

    Alert users that their transaction has been Confirmed in the wallet and Sent to the network.

  • Speed Up
    Speed Up

    When transactions are stalled users can choose to “Speed Up” in MetaMask. We’ll notify them when it has been resent.

  • Cancel Transaction
    Cancel Transaction

    When transactions are lingering in the mempool users can “Cancel” them. We’ll confirm their decision with an onscreen modal.

  • Failed

    Inform users that their transaction Failed.

  • Confirmed

    Users don’t always know when a transaction has Completed. We let them know for sure with a confirmation message.

  • Custom Dapp Notifications
    Custom Notifications

    Use our notifications for more than just transaction messages. Write your own message and use our notification styles to keep your Dapp looking consistent.