Once a user initiates a transaction with your dapp, we’ll follow up with any of the following notifications:

  • Transaction Pending


    We’ll let users know that their transaction request has been sent to the wallet, but hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  • Transaction Awaiting Approval

    Awaiting Approval

    Users commonly stack up multiple transaction requests without confirming or rejecting them in their wallets. We'll inform them that they have a previous transaction waiting on them to ‘confirm.’

  • Confirmed Reminder

    Confirmed Reminder

    Users can get lost when moving from submitting transactions to approving them in their wallets. We give them 30 seconds to confirm or reject the transactions in their wallet before notifying them that an action is still pending.

  • Repeat Transaction


    Sometimes users create multiple transactions and accidentally repeat one. We’ll notify the user that they might be repeating a transaction to help them avoid being charged twice.

  • Insufficient Funds

    Insufficient Funds

    If the user doesn’t have enough funds to complete the transaction, Assist will catch this issue before it’s sent to the wallet, and tell them they need more ETH.

  • Transaction Failed to Send

    Failed to Send

    Tell users their transaction failed to be sent to the network.

  • Transaction Stalled


    After 30 seconds, we’ll notify users that their transaction was sent but not received in the mempool.

  • Transaction Sent


    Alert users that their transaction has been confirmed in the wallet and sent to the network.

  • Trasnaction Failed


    Inform users that their transaction failed.

  • Transaction Confirmed


    Users don’t always know when a transaction has completed. We let them know for sure with a confirmation message.