Assist.js is our legacy solution. Dapp teams should look to Notify and Onboard for our latest products.  Explore the Docs

Wallet Check: Because even the most experienced Dapp users need help sometimes.

Interacting with a Dapp isn’t always straightforward. It’s easy for users to get confused. Keep them transacting by checking for and preventing common mistakes.



Implementation is FAST

After creating your unique API Key, include a single JS file with your configuration settings. And just initialize Assist.js on the first page of your Dapp. That’s it, no additional configuration required.

Want to see it live? Try one of the demos below — switch to Rinkeby and start a transaction.

Maker CDP Demo   Uniswap Demo

Dapps with more complex architecture can call our API through a singleton. The file linked below demonstrates this pattern.

Download blocknative_config.js

Why use Assist.js? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Keeping track of all of the possible user states is complex and error-prone. Things change on the fly. Instead, free yourself – and your team – from this never-ending headache and hours of follow-on support work. Let us handle all of the nuances and edge cases for you.

Wallet Check

Help users successfully transact with your Dapp.

Assist.js will help your users overcome common Web3 mistakes without getting frustrated and rage quitting! As a Dapp Developer you are in full control of your experience.

  • Tell your users how to log in to MetaMask.
    Tell your users how to log in to MetaMask.

    Often users log out of or get disconnected from MetaMask. We’ll check and make sure they’re logged in and ready to transact.

  • Help your users get ETH.
    Help your users get ETH.

    If your user doesn’t have enough ETH, we’ll direct them to an exchange where they can get more.

  • Prompt users to connect to the right network.
    Prompt users to connect to the right network.

    If users aren’t connected to your specified network, we’ll show them how to change to the correct one in MetaMask.