Real-Time Transaction Monitoring and Notifications

Trusted infrastructure for real-time transaction state change notifications. Built by experienced devs and powered by a global network of Ethereum and Bitcoin nodes.

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How Notify Works


Capture the Mempool

The mempool contains tens of thousands of in-flight transactions. These are constantly changing, inconsistent, and poorly understood.

Make It Useful

Our infrastructure detects every transaction state change. We normalize and enrich the raw data. Then we share live updates via our API and SDK.

Power Modern Experiences

Leverage our transaction state change events to power user-friendly  notifications. For every inbound and outbound transaction.

Notify API

For robust engineering organizations, the Notify API delivers real-time notifications for transaction state changes via POSTs to your webhook.

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Notify SDK

For larger Dapp teams the Notify SDK provides an extensible, but easy to work with framework for your front-end to communicate with the Notify API.

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For smaller Dapps and indie devs, Notify.js is a lightweight widget to provide real-time notifications in your Dapp. It is the simplest way to access the Notify API.

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Real-Time Notifications for Every State.

Keep your users up to date without leaving your Dapp or Wallet. We monitor every transaction’s state change from submission to completion, even the complex ones like canceled or repeat transactions.




Let users know that their transaction request has been sent to the wallet, but hasn’t been confirmed yet.



Speed Up

Currently Ethereum only.

When transactions are stalled, users can issues a “Speed Up”. Notify them when it has been resent and keep track of changing transaction hashes.



Cancel Transaction

Currently Ethereum only.

When transactions are lingering in the mempool, users can “Cancel” them. Blocknative makes sure your Dapp or Wallet provides accurate alerts.



Users don’t always know when a transaction has Completed. We let them know for sure with a confirmation message.




Currently Ethereum only.

Alert users when their transaction has been removed from mempool and not confirmed in a block

How do we Deliver Reliable, Real-Time Notifications for Every Transaction?

  • We run a global network of Ethereum and Bitcoin nodes
  • Each node captures the mempool in real-time
  • Our monitors emit events as transactions change state
  • We track relevant transaction hashes, wallet and contract addresses, and ERC20 and ER721 assets
  • Your Dapp or Wallet can easily consume these events and serve alerts to end-users with Notify

Why Your Dapp or Wallet Needs Transaction Notifications

“Real-time transaction notifications are critical to our wallet UX. After first building our own infrastructure, we appreciate that transaction notifications are a difficult, expensive problem to solve at scale. That's why we're excited to partner with Blocknative to power the transaction notifications in our next-generation wallet.”

Drew Harding, Chief Product Officer at Pillar



Real-Time Transaction Notifications Are Critical

For Keeping Your Users Engaged


Most Dapps and Wallets have no way of tracking and optimizing transactions as they move through the mempool. This leaves users in the dark. With Notify, you can keep your users informed about the current state of their transactions — increasing confidence and engagement. Sign up below for a demo and learn more about the power of Notify.