Master the Mempool.
Master Value in Motion.

Every minute, blockchains move over $2 million in value.
Understand and act on value in motion with our proven real-time mempool data platform.

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Mempool Data Is Ephemeral.

On-chain data is value at rest. Pre-chain data is value in motion.

Blocknative is a powerful multi-chain mempool monitoring network that enables you to build with value in motion. We capture pre-chain data in real-time on Ethereum and Bitcoin and expose it via an easy to consume API so you can build with accurate, real-time information about transaction state changes.


Capture the Mempool

The mempool contains tens of thousands of in-flight transactions. These are constantly changing, inconsistent, and poorly understood.

Make It Useful

Our infrastructure detects every transaction state change. We normalize and enrich the raw data. Then we share live updates via our API and SDK.

Power Modern Experiences

Leverage our transaction state change events to power user-friendly  notifications. For every inbound and outbound transaction.

A Trusted Multichain Real-time Mempool Monitoring Network. 

Blocknative operates a robust network of nodes to monitor the Ethereum and Bitcoin mempools. Our proven infrastructure captures mempools in real-time to detect and records how every transaction arrives at its end state.


The Power of Transactions In-Flight

With Notify, developers can leverage rapidly changing transaction states. Providing users with real-time and accurate notifications increases confidence and transaction volume.

At Shiftly, we strive to make decentralized trading more accessible while providing a seamless user-experience. As decentralized exchanges are often confusing, we’ve recently integrated @blocknative in order to get users ready to use and transact on our platform.


📲💰 When it comes to #crypto payments and transactions, our ecosystem partner
@BlockNative know their stuff! 🤓


DeFi Saver now uses @blocknative to provide users with better insight into their transactions, including real time status, duplicate transaction warnings, easier tracking of sped up transactions and more.☑️

DeFi Saver

❗️@Blocknative now supports the @xDaiChaiin chain $STAKE!
Developers can easily incorporate pending and confirmed transaction notifications into their DApps. API tools are also available for creating web hook notifications.



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Connect to Any Wallet and
Transact With Ease.

Onboard.js is the open-source Ethereum onboarding solution to help your users get from no wallet to their first transaction.

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From the Blog


Introducing Blocknative Commercial Plans

Today, we are excited to introduce commercial pricing plans that provide powerful, production-ready mempool capabilities at scale. Blocknative operates a global mempool data platform that is accessible via our API, our SDK, and our Notify.js and Onboard.js front-end libraries.

Evidence of Mempool Manipulation on Black Thursday: Hammerbots, Mempool Compression, and Spontaneous Stuck Transactions

Blocknative has uncovered evidence that the MakerDAO liquidations on March 12 and 13 were an engineered event. This evidence is derived from the mempool, the pre-chain area miners use to create blocks. The mempool is an often overlooked – and commonly under-appreciated – aspect of the Ethereum ecosystem.

From Stablecoins to Crypto Dollars

Earlier this year, we asked When One Billion ETH Transactions? And as part of our focus on transaction growth, we began digging into the global stablecoin market — which is now sustaining >$1 billion per day in transaction value. 

To better understand the growth of the global stablecoin market, we leveraged data from Coin Metrics to create a new report: 


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Now You Can Monitor the Bitcoin Mempool with Blocknative’s Notify API

Every minute, blockchains move over $2 million in value. But understanding and acting on this in-flight value is challenging for even the most sophisticated and well-resourced of teams. Before any transaction can be confirmed on-chain, it must move through the mempool. As we have previously discussed, this is an often overlooked portion of the blockchain ecosystem. 

At Blocknative, we run Notify — a global node network that captures and organizes mempool transactions in real-time. Historically, we have focused on the Ethereum blockchain. Today, we are excited to announce the addition of Bitcoin support to our distributed node infrastructure.

Now developers can access real-time state change notifications for both Ethereum and Bitcoin transactions with a single, consistent API.



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