The Notification Framework
for Dapps and Wallets

Give users real-time updates on blockchain transactions.
Boost confidence. Increase engagement. Improve retention. Drive growth.

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Blocknative built for web and mobile notifications for Dapps and wallets. desktop notification mobile notification


Notifications that add clarity and simplicity to every interaction. 

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With Blocknative



More confidence. More engagement. More retention. More business

Our infrastructure detects every transaction state change in real-time – from inception through to confirmation. We run our own network of nodes and monitor the mempool directly.

Learn how Nifty Football integrated our framework to give their users more transparency into their transactions.

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A rich framework packed with features.

A flexible back-end API. Front-end support for desktop and mobile. Custom notifications. Full control over look-and-feel. And much more. We’ve gone the extra mile to provide a notification framework that's flexible enough to meet your current and future needs.

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Assist is customizable and has an easy to use dark mode.

Built for development teams like yours.

Save time and avoid delays with our Developer Quick Integration Guide. Dig deeper and see live examples with working code. Take our framework for a spin while you get familiar with how everything works.

Developer Quick Integration Guide

Our developer quick integration guide will get you going in no time.

Onboarding, dashboarding, and more.

Integrate Blocknative and get access to our flexible suite of capabilities built to improve user experience and reduce development overhead. 

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Assist comes with other great features.