Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Blocknative. If you have additional questions, please join our Discord Community to connect with the team.

What is the mempool?

The mempool is the gateway to the blockchain. Before anything can be written on a block, it must first move through the mempool. 

We have written extensively about the mempool. We suggest reading: 

Can I just run my own node?

There is no such thing as "The" Mempool. There is no canonical, master reference mempool. Instead, there are many mempools. Every node has its own unique mempool. So there are as many mempools as there are nodes.

The composition of transactions inside of a node's mempool is driven by a number of factors: 

  • Configuration settings
  • Peering relationships
  • Topology

These factors mean that getting your arms around the entire mempool on your own can be next to impossible. 

Blocknative is committed to democratizing access to mempool data and providing next-generation tools to make this data easy to act on. Our Global Mempool Data Platform is high-availability and low-latency. This powers profit for traders and transparency for builders.

How do traders use Blocknative?

Top traders leverage Blocknative's mempool data platform to power real-time trading strategies. You can learn more about how traders use Blocknative here.

How do builders use Blocknative?

Top DeFi projects have deployed Blocknative's suite of enterprise-grade solutions to help users transact with confidence and to provide greater security. You can learn more about how builders use Blocknative here.

What payment methods are supported?

Most of Blocknative's clients make payments in crypto — via our self-service upgrade plans. Today we accept payments in ETH, BTC, and USDC.

Some clients opt to pay for Blocknative via ACH or Wire Transfer. If you'd like to use this payment method, please connect with our sales team by filling out this form.

Can I create a custom plan?

Blocknative is happy to work with you to create a custom service delivery profile based on your project's needs. 

To create a custom service delivery plan, please fill out this form or connect with our team in our Discord Community.

Are there KYC requirements for commercial plans?

Blocknative's base plans do not have any KYC requirements.

But for any single payment above $3,000. our partner — BitPay — requires the completion of KYC (know your customer). 

If you have any questions, please connect with our team in our Discord Community

Where can I get help?

Blocknative provides support via our Discord Community. Join and you can connect with our sales and product teams to get all of your questions answered. 

Go hands-on with Blocknative

Our high-availability, low-latency global data platform has unprecedented transaction resolution — powering profit for traders and transparency for builders. Blocknative is the easy way to work with mempool data.

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