Help Users Connect and Transact With Ease

Onboard.js is the open-source blockchain onboarding solution to help your users get from no wallet to their first transaction.

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Connect to Any Desktop or Mobile Wallet

Give the choice back to your users. Connect any wallet, whether it’s a browser extension, SDK wallet, hardware wallet, or whatever blockchain innovation comes up with next.

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Wallet Check

Once a wallet is installed, we will check for common issues that prevent users from transacting. These range from connecting to the wallet, ensuring the wallet is on the correct network, and confirming wallet has enough ETH.

Onboard.js provides simple, clear messages about how to fix the problem and help users transact.

Login and Authorize Your Wallet
Change Network
Get Some ETH


A Carefully Crafted, Fully Customizable UI

Designed to support both desktop and mobile users. We sweat the details, so you don’t have to. Choose from a dark or light theme, or create your own with simple css styles.

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At Shiftly, we strive to make decentralized trading more accessible while providing a seamless user-experience. As decentralized exchanges are often confusing, we’ve recently integrated @blocknative in order to get users ready to use and transact on our platform.


Looking forward to working with @blocknative to improve the user experience and DApp usability of  even further. #DApps #godsunchained

Gods Unchained Cards

DeFi Saver now uses @blocknative to provide users with better insight into their transactions, including real time status, duplicate transaction warnings, easier tracking of sped up transactions and more.☑️

DeFi Saver

We added @blocknative support for one of our #dapps today, @NiftyFootball - it's one of the best UX libraries we've seen which aids in the tricky process of #UX on layer 1 #ethereum, thankyou 👌🔥❤️ #Blockchain #UserExperience

Block Rocket

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