Whether you're just mempool curious or an experienced builder looking for new tooling to enhance your project, this three-part series is for you. Each 30-minutes class consists of an educational component and hands-on experience with our tools.

Session 1: Mempool Monitoring 101 
After submitting a transaction, you are often left to anxiously wonder when it will be confirmed on-chain. With the use of mempool monitoring, you can ensure you and your users are always up-to-date on the inflight status of your transactions. In this class, you will go hands-on with our Mempool Explorer and learn why monitoring the mempool matters, how to do it, protype different subscriptions, and explore strategies on how to reduce the cost of monitoring.

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Session 2: The Importance of Gas
Regardless of experience level, navigating gas prices can be difficult. Inaccurate gas fees can result in slow or stalled transactions and increased anxiety. In this course, students will learn how gas fees are calculated, the importance of accurate gas estimates, how these estimates impact user churn, and strategies to ensure you and your users can transact with confidence.

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Session 3: Simulating Transactions
Take a deeper dive into the mempool and uncover how transaction simulations can save users time and money. In this course, you will go hands-on with our Transaction Preview API and learn how to simulate your transactions against the current block to test strategies or preview outcomes before submitting your transactions.

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