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    Cut Through the Noise: How to Quickly Leverage Filters...

    With Ethernow, you get a real-time stream of what is happening right NOW on Ethereum. That means you can see every new transaction in the mempool (pending) or on-chain (confirmed). However, this can..

    Blocknative Supports the Polygon Amoy Testnet

    The Polygon ecosystem is thriving, and Blocknative is excited to announce its support for the new Polygon Amoy Testnet. This blog post dives into what Amoy is, why it matters for developers, and how..

    Announcing the Blocknative Blob Archive API:...

    Did you miss a blob? Do you want to know what was in a blob that went on-chain a month ago? We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Blocknative Blob Archive API, a treasure trove for those..

    Ethernow Transaction Explorer Now Supports the Sepolia...

    Introducing the Ethernow Sepolia Testnet Transaction Explorer The Ethernow Transaction Explorer has expanded its capabilities to the Sepolia testnet, providing developers with a powerful tools to..

    Blobsplaining Part 2: Lessons From The First EIP-4844...

    We recently witnessed the first network congestion event post-Dencun with the blobscription craze, giving us some insights into how the network may operate during crisis events.

    Web3 Onboard
    Announcing Degen Support in Web3 Onboard

    Exciting news for the Degen community! We are thrilled to announce that Web3 Onboard has enabled native support of the Degen chain. This new integration enables Degen developers to leverage..

    Blobsplaining: The Blob Gas Market Explained

    Ethereum successfully navigated the Dencun hardfork ushering in the era of blobs. At its core, blobs are a scalability path for the Ethereum network allowing Layer 2s (“L2”), mainly rollups, to post..

    EIP-4844, Blobs, and Blob Gas: What you need to know

    With the upcoming Dencun upgrade, Ethereum will adopt EIP-4844, commonly called proto-danksharding. This upgrade introduces type-3 transactions, bringing new opportunities and new complexity for..

    Introducing Ethernow: Real-Time Observability for...

    On-chain data tells you what has happened. Pre-chain data tells you why it is happening. For anyone who has ever felt transaction anxiety, scratched their head over unexpected slippage, or realized..

    Private Transaction Observability Challenges: A...

    The prevalence of private transactions has seen a remarkable uptick, soaring from less than 5% to over 15% since the merge (view the real-time percentage of private vs public transactions per block..

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    Mempool Archive Quickstart: How to use Blocknative's...

    Blocknative offers the most exhaustive historical archive of Ethereum's mempool transaction events, encompassing >15 TB with over 5 billion transactions since November 2019. The dataset comprises 27..

    Lessons Earned One Year Post-Merge: Unraveling PBS and...

    The success of The Merge and the subsequent Shapella hard-fork showcased Ethereum's ability to smoothly ship significant network upgrades. However, this transition was not without its challenges and..

    The False Narrative of MEV Protection: How Private...

    Private transactions have taken off across the Ethereum ecosystem. In the graph below you can see that private transactions have been steadily growing post-Merge from ~5% to nearly 15% of all smart..

    The Path to Ethereum Scalability with...

    In order to onboard the next billion users to Ethereum, we need to meet them where they already are. To achieve this, scalability is of paramount importance. Currently, Ethereum is limited to 15..

    Understanding Ethereum Restaking and EigenLayer

    The risks and rewards of extending ethereum's security to other chains Ethereum restaking has quickly taken the spotlight as the next big advancement in blockchain security and programability. But..

    Blocknative Announces Transaction Boost: A Tool for...

    Remotely, August 23, 2023 - Blocknative launches Transaction Boost, an MEV protection aggregator that protects privacy while providing real-time status updates. Now, users don’t have to sacrifice..

    Anatomy of a Slot: The tumultuous 12 seconds during...

    Transitioning Ethereum to proof-of-stake changed how transactions ultimately land on-chain. Like clockwork, every 12 seconds a validator has the opportunity to add a block to the beacon chain. But..

    Decoding Ethereum Smart Contract Events using ABIs

    Application Binary Interfaces, or ABIs, are an integral part of how Ethereum smart contracts interact with the outside world. Without a smart contract’s ABI, a dapp or another smart contract has no..

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