Our Focus

Real-time blockchain applications. 

Blocknative builds infrastructure to monitor and manage the complexity of transacting on public blockchain networks. Learn more about how we are shaping the future of DeFi, NFTs, and more. 

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About Blocknative

Shaping the future of Defi.

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Our values

Blocknative is an active participant in the blockchain ecosystem supporting leading projects and engaging with customers to assure smooth and reliable blockchain transaction processing.

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Technical excellence

We boldly and enthusiastically pursue ambitious innovation, set high standards, and build great products.

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Transparent communication

Our culture is based on authenticity, mutual respect, and trust. We communicate accurately, credibly, and professionally.

Where you can do the best work of your career
We strive to provide our team with the conditions to do their best work.

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Our investors share our vision

We are fortunate to count many leading ecosystem participants as investors. This includes Robert Leshner, Altonomy Ventures, Kain Warwick and Jordan Momtazi, Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, Stani Kulechov, and Diogo Monica. Learn more in our Series A post.

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Our Team

Matt Cutler
Chris Meisl
John Jefferies
Christine Egger
VP of People Success
Sean O'Connor
Chief of Staff
Shen Chen
VP of Business Development
Matt Riedel
VP of Engineering
Drew Harding
Growth Lead
Sue Sun
Business Development Lead - EMEA & Global TradFi
Delane Foo
Business Development Lead - APAC
Blair Marshall
Solutions Engineer
Gustavo Esquinca
Design Lead
Dave Kim
Data Science Lead
Rich Howard
DevOps Lead
Aaron Barnard
Alexander Campbell
Dan Marzec
Victoria Tran
Data Scientist
Taylor Dawson
Louis Thibault
Senior Engineer
Axel Kingsley
Senior Engineer
Adam Carpenter
Software Engineer
Caroline Kerr
Recruiting Lead
Lada Volvach
Portia Roberts
Head of Growth
Eli Halfon
Lewej Whitelow
Project Manager
Julio Baragan
Director of Content
Adib Hanna
Backend Engineer
Ayaz Abbas
Site Reliability Engineer
Mobeen Chaudhry
Sales Engineer
Murat Akdeniz
Product Manager
Aratz Manterola Lasa
Back End Engineer
Kenny Spotz
SEO Lead

Our Advisors

Seth Levine
Spencer Bogart
Niel Robertson
Dan Ruch
Taylor Monahan
Anthony Sassano
Noah Jessop
Zach Krasner
Mariano Conti
Do the best work of your career

Join our team.

Blocknative aims to make working with mempool data as easy and accessible as working with every other aspect of Web3. We are actively looking for like-minded professionals to join our adventure.

Health coverage

No matter where you live, we offer a market competitive suite of benefits. Enroll in health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurances, and Blocknative covers some or all of the premiums.

Invested in your future

All full-time employees enjoy 401(k) and share Blocknative success via stock option grants.

Paid time off

We offer flexible paid time off — take what you need as long as it works with you and your team, and all Blocknative employees get home office reimbursements.

Learning & development

Your individual growth and development is important to us and we provide the resources to help you grow your career while at Blocknative.

Learn more about Blocknative

Explore the Blocknative blog to stay up to date with all that our team is up to.

The Easy Way to Add Customizable, Real-time Transaction Notifications to Your Dapp with Web3 Onboard
The Easy Way to Add Customizable, Real-time Transaction Notifications to Your Dapp with Web3 Onboard
Reduce transaction anxiety and prepare for a multi-chain future Blocknative is excited to introduce real-time transaction notifications and customizable alerts for Web3 Onboard to help improve the developer experience and reduce user churn on your decentralized application. 
Blocknative Blocknative
Pre-Chain Archive: Backtest Strategies, Train Models, Replay Attacks, and Improve Your Protocol
Pre-Chain Archive: Backtest Strategies, Train Models, Replay Attacks, and Improve Your Protocol
How to Access Pre-Chain Data Because public blockchains are just that—’public’—anyone can scroll back in time and find every transaction ever made. This is typically done through the use of a block explorer or you can spin up your own node and download the entire history of the blockchain’s public ledger and eventually start processing new transactions yourself. Public blockchains (and their transaction history) are accessible to every network participant. 
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Web3's Most Accurate Polygon Gas Estimator
Web3's Most Accurate Polygon Gas Estimator
Polygon gas fees have risen dramatically as the protocol continues to grow in popularity, causing the number of transactions competing for block space on the network to increase. As a result, it is not uncommon for the Polygon network to sometimes experience higher, more unpredictable gas spikes than Ethereum. These fluctuations make it more difficult for users to accurately estimate a competitive gas price without overpaying. 
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Connect with us. Build with us.

"After first building our own infrastructure, we appreciate that mempool management is a difficult, expensive problem to solve at scale. That's why we partner with Blocknative to power the transaction notifications in our next-generation wallet."