Web3 Onboard Supports Coinbase Smart Wallet from Day One

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Web3 Onboard Supports Coinbase Smart Wallet

We are thrilled to announce that Web3 Onboard now supports the Coinbase smart wallet. Enjoy the magic of Coinbase’s smart wallet with the ease of Web3 Onboard.

What is Web3 Onboard?

Web3 Onboard is Blocknative's open-source, framework-agnostic wallet connection library. It provides all the wallet connection features you need, supporting over 80 software and hardware wallets. With Web3 Onboard, integrating multiple wallets and chains in your dapp is straightforward and efficient.

  • WAGMI & EIP-6963 Support: Ensuring compatibility with the latest wallet and blockchain standards.
  • Open-Source and Framework-Agnostic: Easily integrate with any project, regardless of the framework you use.
  • Multi-Wallet, Multi-Chain Support: Connect various wallets and operate across multiple blockchains.
  • Gas Estimation: Get accurate gas fee predictions to optimize transaction costs.
  • User-Centric Design: Designed with the end-user in mind for a smooth and intuitive experience.

Coinbase Smart Wallet Integration

With Web3 Onboard, developers can easily add Coinbase smart wallet to their integration. Here's a quick demonstration on how to get started:

Adding the Coinbase Smart Wallet to your dapp is simple:

  1. Follow the Quick Start Guide: Integrate Web3 Onboard in just 5 minutes by following our quick start guide here. Gain instant access to over 80 wallets, gas prediction, and more.
  2. Add Coinbase smart wallet: Find detailed instructions on integrating the Coinbase smart wallet into your setup here.

User-centric design, developer experience, and strong community support have always been the cornerstones of Web3 Onboard. This latest partnership strengthens the library's capabilities, and we're excited to see new dapps leverage Web3 Onboard for seamless wallet connections.

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