Beyond Chainsplaining: Blockchains as Brick Walls and Other Ways to Light the Lightbulb
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Help your users get onboard.
The easy way.

Add clarity. Inspire confidence. Drive Dapp growth.
Introducing Blocknative Assist.

Blocknative Onboarding Assistance

We’re making blockchain easy-to-use for everyone. Even Great Uncle Steve.

We’ve built an embeddable javascript widget that translates complex blockchain tech into simple, human terms for end-users. Each component was designed to add clarity and boost confidence in every user — no matter how new they are to the space.

You can spend more time building. And less time wrestling with usability issues.

Whether your dapp is enterprise or consumer-facing, Blocknative Assist surfaces clear actions for end-users while helping them avoid common pitfalls. This means end-users can use. Business leaders can lead. Designers can solve problems. And developers can continue building product.

Blocknative Transaction Awareness

Just drop in a few lines of code and get user-friendly. Fast.

Embed our widget-based components into your dapps to rapidly enhance your dapp’s user experience:

  • Quickly onboard users to supported browsers with installed, unlocked, and correctly configured wallets.
  • Ensure transactions complete as expected.
  • Intercept and redirect transactions that are likely to fail.
  • Alert users when they submit duplicate transactions.
  • Set customizable parameters to make the experience feel native to your application.
  • Access audit metrics to understand how user onboarding and transaction support impact Dapp performance.

See our full documentation on Github ->

Blocknative Assist is broken out into four primary capabilities, which can be mixed, matched, or totally isolated.


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