A Powerful New API for Blockchain Transaction Notifications in Blocknative Assist 0.9

Our latest release of Blocknative Assist includes a new Transaction Notification API for Dapp developers and wallet providers. This simple but powerful API delivers instant updates on every transaction state change. 

Based on feedback from our customers, we extended our framework to provide an easy-to-consume API that enables Dapp developers and wallet providers to decide how, when, and where to surface transaction notifications.

Users of this API are immediately notified of each and every transaction state change across a dozen distinct states, including when any account-based Ethereum transaction is:

  1. Requested.
  2. Requested, but with insufficient funds.
  3. Potentially a duplicate.
  4. Waiting to be approved.
  5. Rejected.
  6. Approved.
  7. Pending.
  8. Stalled.
  9. Sped Up.
  10. Canceled.
  11. Failed.
  12. Confirmed.

This new API provides the transaction status together with relevant information such as wallet address and contract details. 

Want to see it in action? Just go to our Developer Guide, open your JavaScript Console, and then click on the ‘Call Demo Contract Method’  button.


For demonstration purposes, we've connected the output of our API to the Console so you can watch as transaction events fire in real-time. With this new API, Dapp developers and wallet providers now have everything necessary to incorporate real-time transaction status updates into their end-user experience. 

In addition to introducing this transaction notification API, our latest release of Blocknative Assist now supports Ethers.js (v4 and v5),  Web3.js (0.20.x and 1.0.x), and Truffle 4

Blocknative is the notification framework for Dapps and wallets. With Blocknative Assist, you can give users real-time updates on blockchain transactions — increasing engagement, improving retention, and driving growth.

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