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    Anatomy of a Slot: The tumultuous 12 seconds during...

    Transitioning Ethereum to proof-of-stake changed how transactions ultimately land on-chain. Like clockwork, every 12 seconds a validator has the opportunity to add a block to the beacon chain. But..

    Latency Wars: The Constant Fight for Lower Latency

    The faster you receive data, the faster you can act... and the better your edge. From the early days of Wall Street to high-frequency trading plus other historical examples, we can learn from the..

    Understanding Ethereum Transaction Simulation — And...

    Transaction Simulation can unlock profit potential for traders and can help protocols intercept malicious transactions before they get confirmed on-chain. Today, transaction simulation is used by..

    Easily Support Custom Derivation Paths for Ledger and...

    While you can hold every private key in the palm on your hand, there are a staggering number of possible wallet addresses that can be generated from a seed phrase. And advanced users may take..

    Does Your Web3 App Support Hardware Wallets?

    Hardware wallets — such as Ledger and Trezor — are popular among crypto whales and traders. They provide an additional safeguard for digital assets. But that extra layer of protection presents a..

    Internal Transaction Monitoring Is The Missing Puzzle...

    Blockchains are transaction engines, enabling the exchange of value in ways that have not been possible before. The potential is exciting. But the complexity of smart contract-based transactions can..

    Announcing Onboard.js — Web3 User Onboarding Made Easy

    Transactions are key to every Dapp. But for your users to transact, they must have a wallet, connect to the right network, and have some ETH for gas. There is a lot of room for error. If your users..

    Introducing Notify.js — Easy Front-End Notifications...

    Today we are excited to announce Notify.js — which makes it even easier for Dapp developers to provide users with real-time transaction notifications. This release extends and enhances our API to..

    Introducing the Notify API for Real-Time Transaction...

    After months of internal development and testing, today I'm excited to introduce our new Notify API for Ethereum wallet providers and sophisticated Dapp development teams. Notify is a lightweight,..

    A Powerful New API for Blockchain Transaction...

    Our latest release of Blocknative Assist includes a new Transaction Notification API for Dapp developers and wallet providers. This simple but powerful API delivers instant updates on every..

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