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Open-source tooling and APIs for best-in-class gas estimation, transaction visibility, MEV protection, and wallet connection.
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Powerful  APIs & Libraries

Gas Platform
  • 16% average reduction in max fee.
  • Easily request streams of gas price estimates via a simple API endpoint.
  • Integrate in a few minutes.
  • Based on real-time data predictive modeling using Blocknative's global mempool infrastructure and existing machine learning pipelines
  • Available on Ethereum and Polygon 

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Mempool API & SDK
  • Streaming mempool data made easy.
  • Monitor and act on real-time mempool data 
  • Capture, normalize, and enrich in-flight transaction data for unmatched data coverage and sub-transaction resolution.
  • Easily connect monitoring services with webhooks and access notification messages with the web socket library.
  • Available on Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis.

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Decoding API
  • Simplified bytes of data into human-readible formats for easy transaction traceability
  • No maintenance headaches: API stays up to date on all transaction formatting updates
  • Easily trace transactions back to their origin for quick troubleshooting
  • Quickly integrate into existing infrastructure
  • Available on zkSync, Optimsim, Base, and Arbitrum
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Web3 Onboard
  • Connect your dapp to 80+ hardware and software wallets in 5 min
  • Framework agnostic with multi-chain, multi-wallet support
  • Minimal dependencies and dynamic imports for small package sizes
  • Quickly integrate with react demo & customization tools
  • Supports all EVM-compatible chains

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MEV Protection
  • Aggregated MEV Protection + Full Visibility
  • Send private transactions to top builders and OFAs without sacrificing observability.
  • Real-time transaction status updates. 
  • Fully customizable: pick and choose which RPCs and which parameters to use.
  • Available on Ethereum

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Data Archive
  • Log of all mempool transactions from nodes in multiple geographical regions since Nov. 2019
  • Access to all blobs that entered the Ethereum mempool (confirmed on-chain or not) via an API
  • The most complete Mempool Archive to enable historical research and protocol planning
  • Available on Ethereum

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“Blocknative is a trusted provider of reliable and accurate gas estimation to help users stop overpaying in transaction fees. MetaMask is excited to integrate Blocknative along with our existing services. We look forward to continued collaboration on how to improve user experience and accessibility for the broader ecosystem.”

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Jacob Cantele, Lead of Operations
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