Beginner Basics of Crypto + Further Learning Resources

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I often receive requests for reading materials/learning resources from crypto-curious folks who want to dive deeper. Below is a curated list of recommended crypto 101 reading/listening/watching. Expect this to grow and change over time. Have resources to add? Please message me @mcutler.

In efforts to simplify the journey, this reading guide is divided into five sections:

  1. Learn about Money: This is a deeper topic than many expect.
  2. Learn about Bitcoin: Where it all began. 
  3. Learn about Ethereum: "Let’s take the core concepts pioneered by Bitcoin and expand them. Significantly."
  4. Learn about what is being built on Ethereum/Web3: DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, the Metaverse, and more.
  5. Advanced and/or more specialized materials: It truly never ends. 

While the topics are sequential, the bulleted resources are not. Crypto/blockchain/Web3 is a surprisingly broad, diverse, and deep topic. This list barely scratches the surface.


1. About money: 



2. About Bitcoin / blockchains in general:


3. About Ethereum:


4. What is being built on Ethereum:


5. Advanced reading:

Community contributions:

These are recommendations from folks who have reviewed this list and thought: “Oh, this resource should be there too!”

Other lists of lists: 

  • A16Z’s Crypto Canon – 100+ links to further reading, categorized nicely. Many great resources here, but appears to be getting a little long-in-the-tooth. 
  • House of DAOs
  • Michael Saylor’s
  • The Reading List – A carefully groomed reading list of 300+ resources. More than a little overwhelming.

As you dive down the ⬛ ⛓ 🐰 🕳️ :

The blockchain rabbit hole is deep. Going from crypto-curious to crypto-expert takes many cycles of learning and going hands-on. As you begin this journey, I encourage you to experiment with decentralized applications and participate in these new ways of transacting.

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