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The Polygon ecosystem is thriving, and Blocknative is excited to announce its support for the new Polygon Amoy Testnet. This blog post dives into what Amoy is, why it matters for developers, and how Blocknative's suite of tools empowers you to build on Polygon with confidence.

Introducing Amoy: A Testnet Built for the Future

Amoy is a new testnet for Polygon PoS, designed to replace the existing Mumbai testnet. With Ethereum planning to deprecate the Goerli testnet (which Mumbai relies on), Amoy offers a sustainable and future-proof environment for developers to test and deploy their applications. Built on top of Ethereum's Sepolia testnet, Amoy provides a familiar experience while ensuring long-term stability.

Why Amoy Matters

For developers building on Polygon, a reliable testnet is crucial. Amoy offers several advantages:

  • Sustainability: By leveraging Sepolia, Amoy avoids the looming deprecation of Goerli, guaranteeing a long-lasting testing ground.
  • Familiarity: Developers accustomed to Ethereum's testing infrastructure will find Amoy intuitive, minimizing the learning curve.
  • Essential Resources: Amoy comes equipped with validators, infrastructure, faucets, tooling, and more – everything you need for comprehensive testing.

Blocknative and Polygon

Blocknative, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure tools, offers a powerful suite of products that seamlessly integrate with Polygon:

    • Mempool Explorer: Visualize transaction activity on Polygon and Amoy in real-time. Gain insights into pending transactions, gas prices, and network congestion.
    • Mempool API: Integrate real-time mempool data directly into your workflow. This allows for programmatic monitoring of transaction behavior.
    • Mempool SDK: Simplify mempool interactions within your applications . The Blocknative SDK provides libraries for various programming languages, making it easy to leverage mempool data for sophisticated use cases.
    • Polygon Gas Estimator: Polygon’s most accurate gas estimation tool. 
Building on Polygon with Confidence

Blocknative's tools empower you to:

  • Optimize Transaction Costs: By understanding gas prices and network congestion, you can strategically time your transactions for optimal efficiency.
  • Monitor Transaction Status: Gain real-time insights into pending transactions, allowing you to identify and address any potential issues proactively.
  • Build Robust Applications: Leverage mempool data to create applications that react intelligently to network conditions, enhancing user experience.

Amoy represents the future of Polygon testing, and Blocknative is here to support your journey. With our comprehensive suite of tools, you can build and deploy on Polygon with confidence, ensuring your applications are efficient, reliable, and ready for the real world.

Ready to start building? Explore Blocknative's documentation and resources to learn more about using our tools with the Amoy testnet. Together, let's build the future of Polygon!

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Blocknative's proven & powerful enterprise-grade infrastructure makes it easy for builders and traders to work with mempool data.


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