Simulate Multiple Transactions with Bundle Support for Transaction Preview

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Blocknative Transaction Preview now supports bundling for simulating transactions on Ethereum Mainnet. Using Blocknative’s Transaction Preview API, users can simulate the outcome of two or more bundled transactions based on the current state of the blockchain. 

Simulation bundles enhance the ability of wallets, protocols, and traders to:

  • see net-balance changes and smart contract calls before authorizing transactions
  • reduce failed transactions
  • optimize arbitrage opportunities

Enable endless ways to simulate ETH transactions

In the DeFi space, transactions are seldom simple or straightforward. Sometimes to accurately simulate a user’s desired intent, multiple transactions must be simulated together. For this reason, Blocknative has introduced bundle support to give Dapps, wallets, and traders new ways to fully utilize our pre-chain infrastructure. 

Blocknative’s simulation bundles enable users to reduce failed transactions and get on-chain with confidence. 

The following are just a few ways users can use bundles to simulate multiple transactions on Ethereum. For a technical breakdown of these different use cases, check out our blog Understanding ETH Simulation Bundles and When to Use Them.


Token swap on a DEX: approve and swap

One of the biggest limitations with single transaction simulations is that they typically do not work well to simulate token swaps on decentralized exchanges (DEX). This is because these token swaps often require an approval transaction before they can execute. Not doing so first will result in the single transaction simulation failing.

Using simulation bundles, users are now able to approve and swap in a single simulation.


Arbitrage between DEXs: approve, swap, approve, swap

Profiting from arbitrage and liquidation opportunities can be tricky without first simulating the transaction to see if it will execute as expected. MEV searchers will often need to conduct multiple approvals and swaps to accomplish an arbitrage opportunity, introducing several points of risk to their potential profit. 

High-frequency bundles can contain multiple variants of a transaction so MEV searchers can optimize their simulations until they have the confidence they need to successfully engage in cross-DEX arbitrage.

Searchers can also use simulation bundles to assist with more advanced forms of arbitrage, such as oracle arbitrage, rebate arbitrage, or JIT arbitrage. We may discuss using simulations for advanced arbitrage in a future post.


How to Leverage Bundles in Transaction Preview Today

Web3 developers and traders can now go hands-on with bundled simulations using our Transaction Preview API to: 

  • Show accurate slippage, net balance changes, and contract calls across several transactions — to ensure you always get on-chain with confidence.
  • Enable better trade execution by varying inputs like gas limit, gas price, and transaction input to see how it changes the outputs. 
  • Get insights from the mempool to optimize development. 
  • And much more!

You can begin prototyping today by creating a free account and reviewing the Transaction Preview API docs. Once you are ready to push to production, simply sign up for a commercial plan

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