Important Updates to Blocknative Account Plans


Since launching our commercial plans, the crypto ecosystem has undergone transformational growth. This has driven the rapid adoption of our real-time mempool data infrastructure and suite of industry-leading solutions. Our team is proud to help support many top DeFi protocols, exchanges, NFT marketplaces, automated trading systems, and more.

To scale to meet the growing demand for our services – as well as sustainably support the vibrant global crypto community – today we are introducing some necessary changes to our checkout processes, payment methods, and free Prototype tier of service.

These changes include: 

  • Self-service credit card upgrades from our pricing page. You can easily upgrade your account at any time – with no manual intervention required. This update is meant to support our increasingly global, 24x7 customer base. 
  • All monthly Production plans are now available via credit card payment only. Payment using cryptocurrency remains available for annual Production plans and all Growth, Leader, and Enterprise plans. Also, by popular demand, auto-bill is now enabled by default for all future credit card-based payments. 
  • API events delivered to our free Prototype tier accounts are now subject to increased latency of up to 2,000ms. This change is intended to help combat ongoing system abuse while maintaining core utility for pre-production and low-volume use cases. Note that this change impacts Prototype tier API event delivery across our entire portfolio, including API, SDK, Simulation Platform, Mempool Explorer, Onboard, and Notify. 

These updates follow the recent introduction of nine additional pricing tiers designed to help you and your team select exactly the right plan for your current needs. We continue to expand L1 and L2 support across our platform– including Ethereum, Polygon, xDai, Binance Smart Chain, and Bitcoin, with more to come in the months ahead.

Thank you to our users for your ongoing support and engagement as we rollout these important updates to our processes and infrastructure. As always, please join and participate in our Discord Community if you have questions, concerns, or recommendations.

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