Simulate every pending transaction

Now you can know what will happen next.

Every second, hundreds of new transactions appear in the mempool. Many of these involve opaque internal transactions. 
Blocknative Simulation Platform simulates, in real-time, every marketable transaction against the current block state. It calculates the likely outcome of these transactions.
Simulation Platform lets you know what will happen next. You can protect your protocol. You can trade with an edge. And more.
Currently available on Ethereum Mainnet. 
Blocknative Simulation Platform

A net-new capability for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Simulation Platform is built on top of Blocknative's global mempool data infrastructure.

Blocknative inspects all broadcast pending Ethereum transactions and predicts which are likely for inclusion in the next block. Simulation Platform provides probabilistic outcomes of these imminent transactions, including contracts involved and net balance changes.

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A new level of protocol security.

Simulation Platform helps builders by revealing how your protocols are about to be used in the real-world. 

This enables you to build alerts that can detect and respond to anomalous transactions – including exploits and attack-shaped transactions. 

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For Traders

Trade with an edge.

Simulation Platform computes the complete outcomes of pending transactions, helping traders know what will happen in the next block. 

This can make existing strategies more profitable. It can also enable new classes of trading strategies. 

Detailed payloads.

Each Simulation Platform API event is a rich JSON payload, including detailed traces of each smart contract function call and net balance change. We even include performance metrics on the simulation process itself. 

Some complex internal transactions can result in detailed API events that are hundreds of lines long. Go hands-on in Mempool Explorer to see the payloads in action. 

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Built to be integrated.

Like all of Blocknative's offerings, Simulation Platform is designed from the ground up to be composable. It is fully programmable via our proven API and SDK.

Simulation Platform is documented, supported, and actively maintained. 

High scale. Low latency. Unmatched completeness.

For simulations to be actionable, they have to be delivered quickly. Blocknative computes and delivers significantly faster than both Parity and Geth. This gives you a head start so that you can take action on events that are likely to happen.

Simulation Platform is a new component of the Blocknative Advantage.

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