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Power your trading strategies with real-time mempool data — the easy way.

Mempool Explorer is the fast, flexible, and easy way to integrate real-time blockchain transaction event streams with your trading strategies.

For Traders

Transparency for traders.

Blocknative's global mempool platform constantly captures, normalizes, and enriches in-flight transaction data. So you get unmatched data coverage and sub-transaction resolution for both Ethereum and Bitcoin. 


Monitor your hot wallet for instant transaction updates, send those updates to slack or discord, and more.

Yield farmers

Detect when liquidity begins to move in or out of a protocol, monitor top yield farming accounts, and more. 

Liquidity providers

Be the first to know when liquidity begins to move in our out of a protocol — before it is confirmed on-chain.

Group 128

The global mempool data problem.

The mempool is often characterized as a dark forest — a mysterious place full of unexpected events and adversaries. After submitting a transaction you wait, and (hopefully) it gets confirmed. Or it fails. Or it gets stuck. Or it just disappears. Why? Because your pending transaction is invisibly competing with tens of thousands of other pending transactions for limited block space.

The stakes – and the risks – include the time to settle, transaction fees, the terms of settlement, and more.

You have next-to-zero visibility into this critical competition because it plays out in real-time and at a global scale, inside the thousands of unique nodes that comprise Etheruem's network. This lack of transparency surrounding in-flight transactions creates exploitable opportunities for well-informed, well-resourced, and very real adversarial actors.

And since any single node contains only a partial view of the global mempool, it is difficult and expensive to manage the mempool on your own.

Unparalleled transaction resolution.

Blocknative's mempool data platform is fully documented and easy to work with, so you leverage real-time streaming mempool data to accelerate your project or trading strategy.

The leading global mempool data platform.

Blocknative operates a high-availability, low-latency global data platform that is purpose-built for capturing and normalizing mempool data at scale.

Providing end-to-end transaction lifecycle visibility.

Our platform captures every state change for every transaction, including pending, stuck, failed, dropped, sped up, cancelled, and confirmed. Globally, in real-time, and 24x7.

Accessible and composable via our API and SDK.

Fully documented, maintained, and supported, our mempool API and SDK radically simplifies integrating live transaction event data streams into your project or trading strategy.

Mempool Explorer gives you an edge to be faster than your competitors. Go hands-on now.

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