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    Announcing the Blocknative Embeddable Gas Fee Widget

    The Blocknative Ethereum gas estimator and browser extension are some of our most popular products. Today, we're happy to announce that there is now a new way to keep track of web3's most accurate..

    MEV-Boost & the Blocknative Relay Earn MEV Rewards

    The Ethereum Merge was about more than moving the network to Proof-of-Stake. The upgrade also introduced the concept of Proposer/Builder Separation (PBS) to the network via an open-source protocol..

    Blocknative MEV Relay Launches to Provide Trusted...

    San Francisco, CA; September 14, 2022

    The Roadmap for ETH Gas Fees After The Merge

    The Ethereum Merge is complete. It ushered in the era of Proof-of-Stake, laid the foundation for a more decentralized network, and introduced exciting new actors to the consensus mechanism like block..

    Web3 Onboard
    How to Create More Efficient Web3 Dapps with Web3...

    One of the goals of web3 is to make financial services more accessible to all. To achieve this, web3 developers need to ensure their dapps are optimized for all types of users. For example, many..

    Web3 Onboard
    Ethereum Developer Tooling for Creating Better Web3...

    Are you building a dapp and looking for an easy and reliable web3 developer tooling to add a connect wallet button, support multiple accounts, and push transaction notifications to your users? With..

    Blocknative Launches Transaction Distribution Network

    Note: Transaction Distribution Network has been discontinued as of March 31, 2023

    MEV and Proof-of-Stake

    The Merge is complete, and it has revamped the economics of how Ethereum transactions are settled. Because MEV (maximal extractable value) is focused on the insertion of transactions (ordering,..

    Ethereum Block Building

    The Merge is complete and it was the most significant and substantial upgrade Ethereum has experienced to date. The network made the transition to proof-of-stake (PoS), rewarding years of research..

    The Ethereum Merge: What It Means for the Network

    The Merge is complete as of September 15th. It represents one of the most significant upgrades in web3 history and a critical piece of the ongoing Ethereum roadmap.

    Why Are ETH Gas Fees So High?

    Ethereum's high gas fees can often keep builders, traders, and users from completing the transactions that are important to them. It's no secret that during times of extreme mempool congestion, many..

    Web3 Onboard
    Web3 Dapp Developer Guide: React Hooks for Ethereum

    Are you building a dapp and looking for an easy and reliable web3 developer tooling to add a connect wallet button, support multiple accounts, and push transaction notifications to your users? With..

    Web3 Onboard
    The Easy Way to Add Customizable, Real-time...

    Reduce transaction anxiety and prepare for a multi-chain future Blocknative is excited to introduce real-time transaction notifications and customizable alerts for Web3 Onboard to help improve the..

    Pre-Chain Archive: Backtest Strategies, Train Models,...

    How to Access Pre-Chain Data Because public blockchains are just that—’public’—anyone can scroll back in time and find every transaction ever made. This is typically done through the use of a block..

    Web3's Most Accurate Polygon Gas Estimator

    Polygon gas fees have risen dramatically as the protocol continues to grow in popularity, causing the number of transactions competing for block space on the network to increase. As a result, it is..

    ETH Gas Price Alerts: Make Sure You Know When Fees Are...

    Whether you’re a web3 developer, full-time trader, or a casual NFT collector, knowing when Ethereum gas fees are low can help save you real money. In this blog, we’ll show you how to set up an easy,..

    Transaction Simulation
    Understanding ETH Simulation Bundles and When to Use...

    Blocknative recently added bundle support for simulating transactions on Ethereum Mainnet. This capability enables users to fully harness the power of the Ethereum mempool, our network of Ethereum..

    Transaction Simulation
    Simulate Multiple Transactions with Bundle Support for...

    Blocknative Transaction Preview now supports bundling for simulating transactions on Ethereum Mainnet. Using Blocknative’s Transaction Preview API, users can simulate the outcome of two or more..

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