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    Why Are ETH Gas Fees So High?

    Ethereum's high gas fees can often keep builders, traders, and users from completing the transactions that are important to them. It's no secret that during times of extreme mempool congestion, many..

    Web3 Onboard
    Web3 Dapp Developer Guide: React Hooks for Ethereum

    Are you building a dapp and looking for an easy and reliable web3 developer tooling to add a connect wallet button, support multiple accounts, and push transaction notifications to your users? With..

    Web3 Onboard
    The Easy Way to Add Customizable, Real-time...

    Reduce transaction anxiety and prepare for a multi-chain future Blocknative is excited to introduce real-time transaction notifications and customizable alerts for Web3 Onboard to help improve the..

    Pre-Chain Archive: Backtest Strategies, Train Models,...

    How to Access Pre-Chain Data Because public blockchains are just that—’public’—anyone can scroll back in time and find every transaction ever made. This is typically done through the use of a block..

    Web3's Most Accurate Polygon Gas Estimator

    Polygon gas fees have risen dramatically as the protocol continues to grow in popularity, causing the number of transactions competing for block space on the network to increase. As a result, it is..

    ETH Gas Price Alerts: Make Sure You Know When Fees Are...

    Whether you’re a web3 developer, full-time trader, or a casual NFT collector, knowing when Ethereum gas fees are low can help save you real money. In this blog, we’ll show you how to set up an easy,..

    Transaction Simulation
    Understanding ETH Simulation Bundles and When to Use...

    Blocknative recently added bundle support for simulating transactions on Ethereum Mainnet. This capability enables users to fully harness the power of the Ethereum mempool, our network of Ethereum..

    Transaction Simulation
    Simulate Multiple Transactions with Bundle Support for...

    Blocknative Transaction Preview now supports bundling for simulating transactions on Ethereum Mainnet. Using Blocknative’s Transaction Preview API, users can simulate the outcome of two or more..

    Introducing Base Fee Prediction and Intelligent Max...

    Unparalleled Insight into ETH Gas Prices In Web3, having an accurate max fee is an important part of ensuring your transaction is picked up by miners. If you set a max fee less than the current base..

    An Introduction to the Web3 Transaction Lifecycle

    The Importance of Pre-Chain Data for a Confident Web3 Transaction Experience Web3 can be notoriously complicated, both for new and experienced crypto users alike. Usability continues to be a huge..

    Web3 Onboard
    Web3-Onboard Now Supports Multi-Chain and Multi-Wallet...

    Account Center is the first universal widget of its kind that allows Dapp developers to enable multiple wallet connections on a Dapp by leveraging Web3-Onboard’s custom UI to support leading hardware..

    Press Release
    Blocknative Launches Web3-Onboard to Support Web3...

    Blocknative's upgraded Web3 real-time transaction monitoring toolkit enables developers to consistently access pre-chain data across multiple blockchains, providing developers with the missing link..

    Top 10 Ethereum Transaction Errors and How to Prevent...

    Blockchain technology gives users the freedom to transact in ways they’ve never been able to before. Rather than the rigid transactions expected in the formal financial world, Web3 offers users..

    How Everything (and Nothing) Changes with Gas Fees:...

    This year's ETHDenver was by far the largest ETH event to date with over 12,000 in-person attendees. While primarily designed as a hackathon, the main event weekend, February 17th-20th, featured..

    Introducing Blocknative’s New Visual Identity

    Updated Branding Better Reflects Our Vision Blocknative is pleased to reveal our updated branding which includes a new logo, typeface, and color palette that is intended to reflect the future and..

    What is Ethereum Transaction Gas Limit?

    As more people dive into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and Web3, the need to understand the different parts of an Ethereum transaction becomes increasingly..

    Monitor the Polygon Mempool with Blocknative

    How developers and traders can create real-time transaction experiences on Polygon with Blocknative Polygon is a protocol and framework used for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain..

    Transaction Simulation
    Transaction Preview — Real-Time Insights For Ethereum...

    Blocknative Transaction Simulations can be used to preview the outcome of potential transactions based on the current state of the blockchain. The introduction of Blocknative Transaction Preview..

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