Announcing the Blocknative Embeddable Gas Fee Widget

Blocknative Ethereum Web3

The Blocknative Ethereum gas estimator and browser extension are some of our most popular products. Today, we're happy to announce that there is now a new way to keep track of web3's most accurate next block gas prediction: The Blocknative Embeddable Gas Widget.

Anyone can now display Blocknative gas estimates on their site by simply embedding our iFrame. Check it out below:

The code for the iFrame can be sourced via the "Get iFrame Snippet" button on our Ethereum gas estimator page or by copying and pasting the code below:

get snippet

iframe Code

<iframe class="gas-cards-iframe" src="" style="width:100%;height:500px;display:block"></iframe>

If you have any questions about the iFrame or our gas platform, you can always chat with our team directly on Discord or use our on-site contact form

Let us know how you're using our gas widget by tagging us on Twitter @Blocknative.

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