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    Blobsplaining Part 2: Lessons From The First EIP-4844...

    We recently witnessed the first network congestion event post-Dencun with the blobscription craze, giving us some insights into how the network may operate during crisis events.

    Blobsplaining: The Blob Gas Market Explained

    Ethereum successfully navigated the Dencun hardfork ushering in the era of blobs. At its core, blobs are a scalability path for the Ethereum network allowing Layer 2s (“L2”), mainly rollups, to post..

    Announcing the Blocknative Embeddable Gas Fee Widget

    The Blocknative Ethereum gas estimator and browser extension are some of our most popular products. Today, we're happy to announce that there is now a new way to keep track of web3's most accurate..

    The Roadmap for ETH Gas Fees After The Merge

    The Ethereum Merge is complete. It ushered in the era of Proof-of-Stake, laid the foundation for a more decentralized network, and introduced exciting new actors to the consensus mechanism like block..

    Why Are ETH Gas Fees So High?

    Ethereum's high gas fees can often keep builders, traders, and users from completing the transactions that are important to them. It's no secret that during times of extreme mempool congestion, many..

    Web3's Most Accurate Polygon Gas Estimator

    Polygon gas fees have risen dramatically as the protocol continues to grow in popularity, causing the number of transactions competing for block space on the network to increase. As a result, it is..

    ETH Gas Price Alerts: Make Sure You Know When Fees Are...

    Whether you’re a web3 developer, full-time trader, or a casual NFT collector, knowing when Ethereum gas fees are low can help save you real money. In this blog, we’ll show you how to set up an easy,..

    Introducing Base Fee Prediction and Intelligent Max...

    Unparalleled Insight into ETH Gas Prices In Web3, having an accurate max fee is an important part of ensuring your transaction is picked up by miners. If you set a max fee less than the current base..

    How Everything (and Nothing) Changes with Gas Fees:...

    This year's ETHDenver was by far the largest ETH event to date with over 12,000 in-person attendees. While primarily designed as a hackathon, the main event weekend, February 17th-20th, featured..

    What is Ethereum Transaction Gas Limit?

    As more people dive into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and Web3, the need to understand the different parts of an Ethereum transaction becomes increasingly..

    An Analysis of Ethereum Gas Prices and EIP-1559...

    How the London Hard Fork Has Impacted Ethereum Gas Fee Volatility tl;dr: the new Type 2 parameters should smooth out gas prices and lead to shorter wait times in the mempool. Ethereum transaction..

    A Definitive Guide to Ethereum EIP-1559 Gas Fee...

    When Ethereum upgraded its core gas-fee marketplace with EIP-1559, transactions moved from a first-price auction to a hybrid system involving base fees and tips. As we have previously covered, this..

    EIP-1559 Updates Across the Blocknative Mempool Data...

    Ethereum's core gas fee marketplace mechanism is set to be upgraded at approximately 5:00am PST on August 5, 2021 – when EIP-1559 goes live as part of the London Hard Fork at block 12,965,000. This..

    ETH Gas 101: An Introduction to Ethereum Gas for...

    The principle behind Ether (ETH) gas is straightforward. For your transaction to become part of the Ethereum blockchain, you must pay gas fees to transact. And the amount of gas you must pay varies..

    Comparing Ethereum Gas Estimators: How Blocknative Gas...

    Gas impacts every Ethereum participant, and estimating a competitive gas price alongside market volatility is a complex task. This challenge is particularly evident under periods of extreme market..

    introducing-blocknative-gas-platform: a-fresh-take-on-ethereum-gas-price-estimation
    Introducing Blocknative Gas Platform: A Fresh Take on...

    Every transaction is impacted by the price of ETH gas. This fundamental building block has long been a source of anxiety for both new and experienced Ethereum users. Underpaying for gas leads to..

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