Introducing the Notify API for Real-Time Transaction Notifications


After months of internal development and testing, today I'm excited to introduce our new Notify API for Ethereum wallet providers and sophisticated Dapp development teams. Notify is a lightweight, easy-to-work-with back-end API that delivers real-time transaction state changes for every relevant address – or what we refer to as cradle-to-grave transaction monitoring.

Notify integrates directly with the Ethereum mempool to let you:  

  • Monitor specific wallet addresses, smart contract addresses, and transaction hashes.
  • Detect transfers of ETH, ERC-20, and ERC-721 assets.
  • Alert users of outbound and inbound transactions in real-time.
  • Support increasingly complex transaction types — including those involving smart-contract wallets, relay networks, state channels, payment channels, and more.

Notify does all of this in real-time. At scale. On a 24x7 basis.

How It Works

Our new Notify API is powered by a distributed network of Ethereum full nodes. Each of these nodes runs custom mempool monitoring extensions. Our monitors constantly watch for 'transactions of interest' and then emit detailed event streams that describe every state change, including: 

  • New pending transaction detected.
  • New queued transaction detected. 
  • Queued transaction becomes pending.
  • Pending transaction canceled.
  • Pending transaction sped up. 
  • Pending transaction dropped.
  • Pending transaction failed.
  • Dropped transaction retransmitted.
  • Pending transaction confirmed. 
  • And more.  

Today our infrastructure samples the mempool multiple times per second. So, as you might expect, this generates a lot of data – and a lot of complexity. 

Why It Matters 

Whenever real value is being exchanged, users expect accurate and timely transaction notifications. In cases where a transaction goes sideways – stalled, stuck, dropped, or failed – it is imperative  to provide real-time, actionable alerts.

Until now, wallet providers have been challenged to provide these capabilities given the headaches of operating Ethereum node networks. That's why we built our Notify API: we deal with these headaches so your team, and your users, don't have to. 

How to Get Started

Developers can now leverage our Notify infrastructure via our new,  simple-to-consume API. We've focused on making integration a seamless process. In fact, we often hear from customers and partners that integrating our API helps to clean up their codebase.

To learn more about our new Notify API, please visit our For Wallets page

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