Provide your users with real-time notifications for every transaction.

Our back-end API's provide instant updates on every transaction that matters to your users. 

  1. Share the relevant transaction hashes, wallet and contract addresses, and ERC20 and ER721 assets. 
  2. Receive a real-time data feed of every associated transaction state change.  
  3. Serve proactive alerts to your end-users. 

Blocknative for wallets.



"Real-time transaction notifications are critical to our wallet UX. After first building our own infrastructure,  we appreciate that transaction notifications are a difficult, expensive problem to solve at scale. That's why we're excited to partner with Blocknative to power the transaction notifications in our next-generation wallet."
— Drew Harding, Chief Product Officer

Pillar Wallet



Every wallet needs real-time transaction notifications. Let's connect to discuss how we can work together.