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    Ethernow Transaction Explorer Now Supports the Sepolia...

    Introducing the Ethernow Sepolia Testnet Transaction Explorer The Ethernow Transaction Explorer has expanded its capabilities to the Sepolia testnet, providing developers with a powerful tools to..

    EIP-4844, Blobs, and Blob Gas: What you need to know

    With the upcoming Dencun upgrade, Ethereum will adopt EIP-4844, commonly called proto-danksharding. This upgrade introduces type-3 transactions, bringing new opportunities and new complexity for..

    Introducing Ethernow: Real-Time Observability for...

    On-chain data tells you what has happened. Pre-chain data tells you why it is happening. For anyone who has ever felt transaction anxiety, scratched their head over unexpected slippage, or realized..

    Lessons Earned One Year Post-Merge: Unraveling PBS and...

    The success of The Merge and the subsequent Shapella hard-fork showcased Ethereum's ability to smoothly ship significant network upgrades. However, this transition was not without its challenges and..

    Decoding Ethereum Smart Contract Events using ABIs

    Application Binary Interfaces, or ABIs, are an integral part of how Ethereum smart contracts interact with the outside world. Without a smart contract’s ABI, a dapp or another smart contract has no..

    How to Get Ethereum Transaction Notifications in Slack...

    Anyone doing transactions on Ethereum is familiar with a certain level of transaction anxiety. The complexity and mutability of the pre-chain layer creates uncertainty about transaction..

    Missed slots caused by gossip issues on consensus...

    On April 15th, 2023, Blocknative’s internal MEV-relay alerting system began picking up an unusual pattern of missed slots. Upon further inspection, we found that these missed slots occurred due to..

    How GossipSub Overlays Empower Ethereum's Consensus...

    Peer-to-peer networks are characterized by the large-scale broadcast of messages between nodes. Efficient broadcast is therefore essential for maintaining the integrity and performance of..

    Understanding Attestation Committees, Aggregation, and...

    In Ethereum's proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, the process of attestation plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and security of the network. With the rush of new validators and node..

    What are P2P Overlays on Ethereum

    In Ethereum's decentralized ecosystem, peer-to-peer (P2P) overlays play a critical role in facilitating communication and maintaining the integrity of the network. However, it is essential to..

    Introductory Guide to Account Abstraction (ERC-4337)

    It’s easy to understand why the concept of Account Abstraction has enveloped the Ethereum community since the release of ERC-4337. It promises a whole new, easier way to interact with the Ethereum..

    A Guide to Ethereum's Post-Merge Dashboards

    Pre-Merge insights into the proto-PBS ecosystem was opaque and limited. Since The Merge and the implementation of proto-PBS via MEV-Boost a vibrant and open ecosystem has emerged. With that a..

    Understanding the Ethereum Development Roadmap

    Ethereum developers successfully shipped The Merge on September 15, 2022. Outside observers may consider The Merge a sort of “final destination” for the network. However, members of the Ethereum..

    Can You Withdraw Staked ETH?

    Now that The Merge is complete, the Ethereum community is turning its attention to the next big upgrade, Shanghai. This network upgrade has taken over a year of planning and will add the finishing..

    The Importance of Client Diversity on Ethereum

    Listen to this post: Your browser does not support the audio element. TL;DR: Decentralized networks rely on nodes running a diversity of open standards and applications including peer-to-peer..

    Beginner’s Guide to an MEV Bot: Creating an Arbitrage...

    January 2023 Update: If you are an MEV searcher, Blocknative now offers an MEV bundle RPC endpoint. Searchers can interact with the RPC endpoint at The API..

    Understanding Ethereum Validators & Staking

    Now that the Ethereum Merge is complete, staking Ethereum represents the most important action a user can take toward maintaining the health and security of the network. Users anywhere in the world..

    Is the Block Building Market Doomed to Monopoly?

    PART I Thoughts on Relay diversity and neutrality The Ethereum network is a manifestation of software and infrastructure, as well as people’s commitment to develop, maintain and run it. Doing so..

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