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Gas estimation
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Gas Platform harnesses our real-time global mempool data infrastructure to accurately and consistently estimate Ethereum transaction fees. This provides builders and traders with an up-to-the-moment gas fee API. 
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Maximize predictability,
without overpaying.

The fee market for gas is constantly changing. And Blocknative's Gas Platform leverages our global mempool data platform to help you transact with confidence. 

Gas Platform helps you determine what gas prices will be for future blocks and more with the following feeds:

  • Block gas estimator feed: This feed estimates gas prices for the next block based upon what is in the mempool right now.
  • Gas Distribution feed: This feed provides the distribution of gas prices in the mempool right now.

Gas Estimator

To make Gas Platform more accessible to the Ethereum ecosystem we created Gas Estimator — powered by our Gas Platform. 

Go hands-on and trade with confidence. 

Blocknative Gas Estimator
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Built to be integrated.

Like all of Blocknative's offerings, Gas Platform is fully documented and actively supported. 

Use the composable API to add any — or all — of the Gas Platform feeds into your application or trading strategy.

Easily improve transaction predictability without overpaying for gas. 

Unparalleled gas price estimation.

Most gas oracles provide you with the price estimates based on previous blocks. But gas prices are extremely volatile — driven by mempool competition. Powered by Blocknative's Global Mempool Data Network, Gas Platform provides you with real-time gas estimation based on the current contents of the mempool.

Monitor the mempool.

Blocknative's mempool data platform has unrivaled transaction resolution.

By tracking every in-flight transaction, Blocknative monitors mempool competition and rapidly changing gas prices.

Choose confidence level for the next block.

Blocknative's Gas Platform enables you to target a specific block — currently the next block only — and to set your confidence level. We then suggest a gas price for your transaction based upon the current contents of the mempool.

Get on-chain with confidence.

Blocknative's Gas Platform is fully documented, maintained, and supported. Get unrivaled gas prediction services to power your project or trading strategy.

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Builders and traders who want to try Gas Platform can now go hands-on in Mempool Explorer. This is the quickest way to start working with Gas Platform.

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