Announcing ENS Username Support in Blocknative Onboard


Blocknative is pleased to announce it now supports Ethereum Name Service (ENS) names and records natively in Onboard — one of the most deployed hardware and software wallet management modules. 

Now any Dapp that uses Onboard has the ability to get a user’s ENS name as well as any record associated with it. This simple callback function can be added with just a few lines of code and will help provide a more cohesive experience to anyone transacting with your Dapp. 

Here is a code example of how to enable the ENS integration from the Onboard Docs:


Dapps utilizing this new capability will be able to display a user’s ENS name and avatar on their page upon the user successfully connecting their wallet, giving users a familiar feel, next-level personalization, and greater confidence about their connection to the Dapp. Dapps may also choose to fetch any other ENS records such as Github or Twitter accounts.

“Using ENS as your portable web3 username and profile is one of the most powerful use-cases for ENS, and one that has spread a lot recently,” said Brantly Millegan, Director Of Operations for ENS. “we are glad to see Blocknative making this easy to implement for even more Dapps.”

Developers who want to display ENS names of their users can now easily integrate Onboard into their Dapp. And if they have any questions, they can join Blocknative’s Discord Community for support.

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