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    Crypto taxes: an advanced look for validators, stakers...

    In preparation for crypto tax season, Blocknative CMO John Jefferies sat down with Pat White, the CEO of crypto accounting firm Bitwave, to take a deep dive on the latest on everything validators,..

    Preparing for Shanghai + Capella (Shapella): What...

    TL;DR: It is necessary for ALL validators to upgrade their clients with the latest versions. See the “Upgrading Your Clients” section for relevant links. Some validators will also need to assign a..

    A Guide to Ethereum Liquid Staking

    With the Shanghai upgrade for Ethereum set to take place in April, the ability to withdraw staked ETH will also become available. As the upgrade approaches, interest in liquid staking protocols has..

    Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler: Block Building & MEV @...

    The following video is a recording of Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler's discussion at ETHDenver 2023 regarding the current state of block building and MEV on Ethereum.

    A Guide to Ethereum's Post-Merge Dashboards

    Pre-Merge insights into the proto-PBS ecosystem was opaque and limited. Since The Merge and the implementation of proto-PBS via MEV-Boost a vibrant and open ecosystem has emerged. With that a..

    How Validators Can Maximize Ethereum Block Rewards

    Block rewards are the ultimate prize for any Ethereum staker. Whether or not a validator secures them can make or break the ROI on an ETH staking operation as block rewards tend to make up over 90%..

    Can You Withdraw Staked ETH?

    Now that The Merge is complete, the Ethereum community is turning its attention to the next big upgrade, Shanghai. This network upgrade has taken over a year of planning and will add the finishing..

    The Importance of Client Diversity on Ethereum

    Listen to this post: Your browser does not support the audio element. TL;DR: Decentralized networks rely on nodes running a diversity of open standards and applications including peer-to-peer..

    The Pros and Cons of Connecting your Validator to...

    MEV-Boost relays bridge the gap between block builders and block proposers (validators). Eventually, these relays will disappear as block builders formally become incorporated into Ethereum's..

    Understanding Ethereum Validators & Staking

    Now that the Ethereum Merge is complete, staking Ethereum represents the most important action a user can take toward maintaining the health and security of the network. Users anywhere in the world..

    Is the Block Building Market Doomed to Monopoly?

    PART I Thoughts on Relay diversity and neutrality The Ethereum network is a manifestation of software and infrastructure, as well as people’s commitment to develop, maintain and run it. Doing so..

    What is Proposer/Builder Separation on Ethereum?

    While the Ethereum Merge was significant due to introducing Proof-of-Stake, there was another major shift made possible by the upgrade that is worth highlighting. The Merge allowed the network to..

    Ethereum Validator Setup Guide

    Building an Ethereum Validator From Scratch Ethereum has moved from proof of work to proof of stake! Most tend to think that this means the end of mining. I like to say to colleagues “PoW Mining is..

    A Staker's Guide to Ethereum Slashing & Other Penalties

    Now that The Merge is complete, miners are out and validators are in. Instead of needing a powerful mining rig to participate in network governance and earn block rewards, all that’s needed to..

    MEV-Boost & the Blocknative Relay Earn MEV Rewards

    The Ethereum Merge was about more than moving the network to Proof-of-Stake. The upgrade also introduced the concept of Proposer/Builder Separation (PBS) to the network via an open-source protocol..

    Blocknative MEV Relay Launches to Provide Trusted...

    San Francisco, CA; September 14, 2022

    Ethereum Block Building

    The Merge is complete and it was the most significant and substantial upgrade Ethereum has experienced to date. The network made the transition to proof-of-stake (PoS), rewarding years of research..

    The Ethereum Merge: What It Means for the Network

    The Merge is complete as of September 15th. It represents one of the most significant upgrades in web3 history and a critical piece of the ongoing Ethereum roadmap.

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