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Integrate GameStop Wallet. 

Learn how to use Blocknative's suite of blockchain developer tools to integrate GameStop Wallet into Dapps.


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Integrate GameStop Wallet

How to Easily Integrate GameStop Wallet

Step 1: Install Via NPM

Install the core Onboard library and the injected wallets module to support browser extension and mobile wallets.

Step 2: Initialize the Library

Use the minimum required config. There are more options available as detailed in the initialization section. The wallets are displayed in the order they are in the array, so you can reorder them accordingly in your wallets array.


Step 3: Onboard User

Ask the user to select a web3 wallet and authorize access to accounts.


GameStop Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

The GameStop wallet is built from the ground-up to be ideal for NFTs. You can easily store, view, send and receive NFTs directly within the wallet. It seamlessly integrates with the GameStop NFT marketplace allowing you to trade NFTs from anywhere.

Currently the GameStop wallet is only available via a browser extension for Chrome and Brave. However, an iOS app is in development and will be available for use shortly.

Yes, the GameStop wallet is fully self-custodial. You will need to safely store a 12-word recovery phrase to ensure that you can maintain access to your wallet in the event your device is lost or stolen.

Loopring is a layer 2 blockchain for the Ethereum network. By building on top of Ethereum, Loopring is able to take advantage of the decentralization and security of L1 ETH while providing users with lower gas fees. GameStop's NFT marketplace, GameStop NFT, is also built to support Loopring.

Keep in mind that GameStop wallet is also fully functional on the layer 1 Ethereum blockchain. Users have access to the best of both worlds for their web3 activity.

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