The Easy Way to Add Customizable, Real-time Transaction Notifications to Your Dapp with Web3 Onboard

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Reduce transaction anxiety and prepare for a multi-chain future

Blocknative is excited to introduce real-time transaction notifications and customizable alerts for Web3 Onboard to help improve the developer experience and reduce user churn on your decentralized application. 

Whenever real value is exchanged, users expect accurate and timely transaction notifications. In cases where a transaction behaves unexpectedly– stalled, stuck, dropped, or failed – it is imperative to provide real-time, actionable alerts so users can respond accordingly. Not doing so can lead to increased transaction anxiety and, ultimately, user churn.

But providing notifications can be a costly development task—both to build and maintain. Web3 Onboard is the fast and simple way to push notifications to your users for free. Our transaction notifications are already trusted by thousands of applications across six blockchain networks to ensure users can transact with confidence.



Example of transaction notifications in Web3 Onboard

What’s included in Web3 Onboard notifications?

Web3 Onboard enables push notifications through an easy-to-use, lightweight, open-source, front-end javascript library that leverages our robust mempool API and SDK to simplify the developer experience and make it quick and easy to integrate real-time notifications on your dapp.

By integrating Web3 Onboard as your connect wallet button of choice, your dapp can enable:

Real-time Transaction Alerts

Transaction Alerts

Powered by our Transaction Orchestration platform and real-time Mempool API, Web3 Onboard alerts enable your users to monitor their entire transaction lifecycle from the moment it enters the mempool until the moment it is finalized – or replaced. 

As a transaction moves through the mempool, Web3 Onboard will notify users of the state change— you can try it yourself on Like all other parts of Web3 Onboard, these push notifications can be fully customized to match the look and feel of your application.  


Customizable Hint Notifications

In addition to transaction notifications, developers can also program customizable alerts or “hints” for any specific triggers to help guide the user’s next actions and reduce user friction. 

For example, if a transaction requires an approve before a swap, hint notifications can be used to guide users through the experience, informing them that they are currently conducting one of two transactions. NFT drops could use notifications to update users on how many mints remain to set user expectations. Or, if ETH gas prices are exceptionally high, dapps can warn their users to prevent potentially stuck transactions. 

Because these crypto push notifications are composable, the possibilities are endless! 


Multi-Chain Support: Notifications Across Six Blockchain Networks

By integrating Web3 Onboard, developers can allow users to monitor transactions between networks and significantly simplify transacting on Layer-2 protocols, which are increasingly leveraged for their speed and scalability. Web3 Onboard currently supports real-time alerts across Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis.


Desktop and Mobile Functionality

Web3 Onboard’s push notifications work on every device, so your dapp can keep users up-to-date, whether they are using a desktop or a phone.


Plus, so much more!

To read more about the other unique features Web3 Onboard has to offer, check out our blog highlight Account Center, the first universal widget of its kind that allows developers to enable multiple wallet connections on their Dapp. 


How to enable transaction notifications
on Web3 Onboard

Notifications are an optional feature for Web3 Onboard integrators. To enable notifications, developers simply need to add a dappId (API Key) and have Account Center turned on in the latest version of web3 onboard. 

Enabling transaction notifications is free on most supported chains and requires a Blocknative account to connect to our API. Users can always upgrade to a paid plan if they require a higher volume of API events or additional coverage.


How to get a dappID

After creating your Blocknative account, visit the Account page and add a new API key. Copy this API key to be used as your dappId to enable notifications on Web3 Onboard. 


Add new API key button on the Account page


Blocknative will create a default API key for you, but it is recommended you create your own as API keys segment analytics data. Consider using different API keys for development, staging, and production releases.

More information on how to enable notifications on Web3 Onboard can be found in our API docs.


Still using the original Onboard? Upgrade today and take advantage of all our new benefits.

​​Moving forward, we plan to release additional libraries under Web3 Onboard that enhance the user experience on dapps and maintain an easy-to-integrate developer experience. We encourage all developers that have integrated our original Onboard package to upgrade to Web3 Onboard to ensure they can receive all the benefits of the newer, lighter, upgraded package.


Get started with Web3 Onboard today!

Developers can leverage Web3 Onboard notifications by signing up for a free Blocknative account today.

With built-in modules for more than 35 unique hardware and software wallets and transaction alerts on leading blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis Chain, Web3 Onboard is the easiest, most effective way for developers to add multi-chain support for top web3 wallets like Coinbase Wallet and GameStop Wallet.

Try our Web3 Onboard React Demo today to see these real-time notifications in action. You can also learn how to implement some of the most common Web3 Onboard features via our Ethereum React hooks blog.

Ready to integrate Web3 Onboard into your Dapp? Go hands-on with our docs. 

Join our Discord community and let us know what new features or libraries you would like to see next to make developing with Web3 Onboard easier!See Web3 Onboard in ActionIntegrate Web3 Onboard into your DappCheck out the Web3 Onboard Github Repo

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