Introducing Mempool Explorer: Because the Mempool Matters


At Blocknative, we believe that the mempool matters. This is because mempool conditions impact every transaction globally. And, as demonstrated in recent weeks, the mempool is a constant source of vulnerabilities, arbitrage opportunities, complexity, and more. For the past several years, the Blocknative team has been focused on giving builders and traders the tools they need to make working with mempool data as easy as every other aspect of Web3. 

Against this backdrop, we are excited to introduce Blocknative Mempool Explorer™️ – a net-new way to build real-time streams of in-flight transaction data.

You can now instantly:

Mempool Explorer enables all of this and much more. Read on to learn how and why. 

A missing link in the ecosystem: Mempool Primitives

Because mempool data is by definition pre-consensus, there is no single source of mempool-truth. Additionally, any single node contains, at best, a partial view of the global mempool. Further, up until today there have been no 'standard' ways to work with and manipulate mempool data.

This makes working with mempool data both resource-intensive and error-prone for most builders and traders.

At the very core of Mempool Explorer is what we like to think of as the first mempool primitive, or conceptual building block for working with mempool data. This mempool primitive encapsulates: 

  1. A real-time data stream,
  2. Based on one or more unique addresses, and (optionally)
  3. Subject to one or more filters.

Fundamentally, Mempool Explorer is a purpose-built environment for manipulating this mempool primitive. Specifically, authoring, testing, and deploying real-time mempool streams.

Easily author streaming mempool subscriptions

To get started, simply subscribe to a wallet or smart contract addresses. Then, you can add one or more filters on any field. This means you can use Mempool Explorer for anything from detecting all incoming and outgoing transactions to your personal hot wallet to monitoring a specific Uniswap V2 liquidity pool for yield farming.

Is the value of a token transfer above a specific amount? Set up your stream and filters to monitor those events. Mempool Explorer supports custom contract ABIs so that you can decode and filter transaction inputs on-the-fly. Seeing too much information about transactions, and want to distill them down to the fields that matter most to you? Select the fields you want and only those will appear. Mix and match global and local filters and selectors to get exactly the data stream you want.

MPEX-Stablecoins-640pxQuickly author and share data feeds with MPEX

Mempool Explorer makes sharing data streams with your teams easy. Simply click “Share” to copy the unique link for your stream and then share it with others via Slack, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, or email. Your teammates will then see precisely the same stream as you. And let us know what you are streaming by tweeting @blocknative

Powered by the Blocknative Mempool Platform

Mempool Explorer is powered by Blocknative's proven Mempool Platform that constantly captures, normalizes, and enriches the global mempool. Blocknative's global infrastructure offers unmatched data coverage and transaction resolution, capturing thousands of unique events every second. This ensures that your data streams have access to every transaction and its associated state changes – including pending, dropped, stuck, canceled, sped up, failed, and confirmed.

Note that while Mempool Explorer is free to access, it is subject to the rate limits of our underlying API.

Composability via webhooks

With the push of a button, Mempool Explorer data streams can be pushed to production via webhooks. This provides mix-and-match composability with arbitrary front-end interfaces and back-end infrastructure. As a simple starting point, try adding mempool data streams to your favorite Slack channel, Discord server, or Telegram bot. 

New building blocks to enable new DeFi experiences 

We hope that Mempool Explorer proves to be a new creative tool that allows you to interact with blockchain data like never before. The possibilities are endless — whether you are a yield farmer developing new strategies, or a protocol designer concerned about dynamic security, or an exchange that wants to enable dynamic end-user trading experiences. 

As you might imagine, we are excited to introduce Mempool Explorer to the broader community and are here to provide support, advice, and encouragement – and probably some bug fixes too! – along the way. We invite you to go hands-on and hope you share your streams prolifically. As always, you can engage with our team via our Discord server and Twitter.

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