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    Private Transaction Observability Challenges: A...

    The prevalence of private transactions has seen a remarkable uptick, soaring from less than 5% to over 15% since the merge (view the real-time percentage of private vs public transactions per block..

    The False Narrative of MEV Protection: How Private...

    Private transactions have taken off across the Ethereum ecosystem. In the graph below you can see that private transactions have been steadily growing post-Merge from ~5% to nearly 15% of all smart..

    Blocknative Announces Transaction Boost: A Tool for...

    Remotely, August 23, 2023 - Blocknative launches Transaction Boost, an MEV protection aggregator that protects privacy while providing real-time status updates. Now, users don’t have to sacrifice..

    Anatomy of a Slot: The tumultuous 12 seconds during...

    Transitioning Ethereum to proof-of-stake changed how transactions ultimately land on-chain. Like clockwork, every 12 seconds a validator has the opportunity to add a block to the beacon chain. But..

    The Number of Private Transactions on Ethereum Doubles...

    This quarter, private transactions—meaning transactions that bypassed the public mempool—made up 9.6% of all smart contract transactions on Ethereum. That’s nearly 1 out of every 10 transactions!

    MEV Protection: How to avoid front-running and...

    Listen to this post: In the world of DeFi, transaction anxiety is a genuine concern—particularly when it involves high-value transactions. Many traders have experienced the unsettling feeling of..

    Exploring Order Flow Auctions (OFAs), MEV, and the...

    Listen to this post: Order Flow Auctions (OFAs) are quickly gaining popularity in the Ethereum ecosystem. These systems are designed to help end users benefit from the economic opportunities their..

    What is MEV Sandwiching?

    Listen to this post: Sandwiching represents a single category under the overarching classification of Maximal Extracted Value (MEV)—the value derived from transaction inclusion and ordering. This..

    The Economics of MEV - Bell Curve Podcast Recap

    This episode of Bell Curve features a discussion between Hasu and Blocknative CEO and co-founder Matt Cutler around the MEV supply chain, the economics of relays and builders, and the potential..

    The Future of MEV: Smoothing vs Burning vs Sharing

    Listen to this post: Your browser does not support the audio element. Since the explosion of DeFi in the summer of 2020, MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) has continued to grow as a force in the..

    Latency Wars: The Constant Fight for Lower Latency

    The faster you receive data, the faster you can act... and the better your edge. From the early days of Wall Street to high-frequency trading plus other historical examples, we can learn from the..

    Understanding the 4337 MEV Supply Chain

    I recently published a breakdown of how the adoption of ERC-4337 will impact the current MEV supply chain on Ethereum. If you are interested in diving deeper into the world of ERC-4337 and MEV, you..

    Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler: Block Building & MEV @...

    The following video is a recording of Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler's discussion at ETHDenver 2023 regarding the current state of block building and MEV on Ethereum.

    Blocknative Introduces Transaction Bundle Send,...

    San Francisco, CA; Feb 1, 2023

    MEV Bundle Failure: Troubleshooting Why Your Bundle...

    Opportunities for extracting MEV have exploded as DeFi has transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry. This has led to an increasing number of web3 participants turning to MEV searching as a..

    How to Use Blocknative to Leverage MEV Strategies &...

    January 2023 Update: If you are an MEV searcher, Blocknative now offers an MEV bundle RPC endpoint. Searchers can interact with the RPC endpoint at The API..

    Beginner’s Guide to an MEV Bot: Creating an Arbitrage...

    January 2023 Update: If you are an MEV searcher, Blocknative now offers an MEV bundle RPC endpoint. Searchers can interact with the RPC endpoint at The API..

    The Fundamentals of Cross-Chain MEV

    Web3 is increasingly multi-chain and that comes with implications for everything from data transfer, to security, to, of course, MEV. As more DEXs increase their total value locked (TVL) on multiple..

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