Announcing Replacement Transaction Support For Polygon


Today we are excited to launch support for replacement transactions — speed ups & cancels — for the Polygon Network. This enhances our initial real-time Polygon support and is immediately available to every ecosystem participant. 

Replacement Transactions on Polygon 

If you are unfamiliar with replacement transactions, here is a quick overview to help you get oriented with speed ups and cancels. 

Speed Up

A replacement transaction was detected with the same tovalue and input parameters as the transaction being replaced. 


A replacement transaction was detected in the mempool with different tovalue or input parameters compared to the transaction being replaced. 

How to Access Replacement Transactions on Polygon 

With the Mempool API & SDK and Notify, you can now support replacement transactions inside of your polygon dapp or trading bot. For developers, this helps you to provide end-users with visibility into their real-time transaction status.  For traders, this helps you to track and act on replacement transactions in real-time for addresses that matter to you. 

In the event of a replacement transaction, Blocknative will provide you with the replaceHash so you can seamlessly follow the full end-to-end transaction lifecycle. 

And with Mempool Explorer, you can watch Quickswap on Polygon for speed ups and cancels.

Start Building with Blocknative for Polygon Today

Our platform provides Polygon network builders and traders with support for the end-to-end transaction lifecycle, including:

  • API and SDK — To gain visibility into how your Polygon-based protocol is being used in the wild.
  • Onboard — To support the top wallets and help your users connect to your Polygon-enabled dapp.
  • Notify — To deliver in-flight notifications for Polygon transactions.
  • Mempool Explorer — To easily build real-time transaction event streams.
  • Contract decoding — Out-of-the-box ABI decoding for the Quickswap, Aave, and Aavegotchi Polygon smart contracts. Or upload custom ABIs for any arbitrary Polygon-based smart contract.  

Blocknaitve enables you to build new types of Polygon-based applications. Explore the docs to go hands-on today. 

As always, we encourage interested builders and traders to reach out to us on Twitter or Discord with any questions or feature requests.

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