Gain Real-Time Insights Into the Polygon Mempool With Blocknative

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We are pleased to announce beta support for the Polygon Network across our core mempool data platform. Polygon is available via our API, SDK, Mempool Explorer, Notify, and Onboard. 

Now builders and traders can leverage Blocknative's proven real-time infrastructure for reliable transaction settlement on the Polygon network – in addition to Ethereum and Gnosis Chain.

New Capabilities for Polygon Builders 

Our platform provides Polygon network builders with support for the end-to-end transaction lifecycle, including:

  • API and SDK — To gain visibility into how your Polygon-based protocol is being used in the wild.
  • Onboard — The most powerful connect wallet button. Support the top web3 wallets and help your users connect to your Polygon-enabled dapp.
  • Notify — To deliver in-flight notifications for Polygon transactions. 

Together, this enables you to build new types of Polygon-based applications. Explore the docs to go hands-on today. 

Gaining an Edge for Polygon Traders

Our platform provides Polygon network traders with real-time visibility into the status of every in-flight Polygon transaction'. So your existing real-time trading strategies can be readily applied to Polygon network opportunities. Specifically: 

Traders can now enjoy many of the same features and functionality for Polygon that they do on other L1 chains and L2 solutions supported by Blocknative. Get started by creating and saving configurations on Mempool Explorer.

Just Getting Started 

Included in this beta release is support for Polygon mainnet on: 

Planned future enhances include:

  • Support for the Polygon testnet
  • Decoding additional contracts
  • Gas API support
  • And more 

As always, we encourage interested builders and traders to reach out to us on Twitter or Discord with any questions or feature requests.

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Blocknative's proven & powerful enterprise-grade infrastructure makes it easy for builders and traders to work with mempool data.


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