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    A Powerful New API for Blockchain Transaction...

    Our latest release of Blocknative Assist includes a new Transaction Notification API for Dapp developers and wallet providers. This simple but powerful API delivers instant updates on every..

    Guessing a Private Key: Beyond Chainsplaining Part IV

    What if I told you that you could control a crypto account with hundreds of millions of dollars in value just by guessing a single number?

    Holding Every Private Key in the Palm of Your Hand:...

    Our objective with the Beyond Chainsplaining series is to explore metaphors and stories you can use to help explain blockchain. In our last post, we built out our first 'metaphor of the moment':..

    Beyond Chainsplaining: Blockchains as Brick Walls and...

    Our recent Enough with the Chainsplaining post seemed to strike a nerve – in a positive way! – within the Ethereum community. Ecosystem thought-leaders and crypto-newbies alike have reached out to..

    Introducing the UX Best Practices for BUIDLers Series

    Here at Blocknative we spend a lot of time thinking about Dapp usability. Because usability is key to blockchain catching on and taking hold among the masses. If people have a hard time using..

    Case Study: Nifty Football Delivers Breakout UX with...

    Nifty Football takes user experience to the next level with Blocknative Assist We’re happy to share that Nifty Football has deployed Blocknative Assist into their Dapp, providing the Ethereum..

    Lessons from a Pioneer in the NFT Game Ecosystem: A...

    Blockchain is changing everything. And one of the most concrete examples of that change is the developer ecosystem that has emerged around popular games. For those that have not been in the loop,..

    Enough with the Chainsplaining: How to Talk Blockchain...

    mansplain: verb: (of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing. Chainsplaining starts innocuously enough. Maybe you’re at a..

    Blocknative at ETHDenver: You Had Questions, We’ve Got...

    Blocknative recently introduced our Assist.js beta to the Ethereum community at ETHDenver 2019. Over the course of a single weekend we had hundreds of conversations with — and gave hundreds of live..

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